Photography by Jean-Sebastien Morisset

About the Photographer

Photographer with Black and White Crinoid (2336 x 3504) Jean-Sebastien Morisset (JS) is an Underwater Photographer since 2002 and Sr UNIX Systems Administrator since 1995. His skills in Information Technology (IT) have allowed him to manage all aspects of digital photography, from taking pictures underwater, developing them in the digital darkroom, designing and implementing the website (and others), to publishing his photographs online.

JS and his underwater models dive using the Doing It Right (DIR) philosophy of equipment selection, teamwork, procedures and physical fitness.

For many years JS traveled frequently to Bonaire in the Caribbean Netherlands, to take photographs and work on his diving skills. Bonaire offers the unique ability to shore dive much of its coastline with complete freedom and independence; an attractive feature for photographers who need to dive slowly in order to find subjects and compose their pictures.

In the years to come, expect to see a larger variety of subjects on Underwater Focus as JS and his models travel the world.

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